Distributor: Bringing It All Together

A leading B2B distributor consolidates, reorganizes, and grows its award-winning incentive program network.

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

A leading provider of B2B distribution, logistics services and supply chain management solutions

The Audience

Inside sales team members

The Objectives

To build and maintain a consolidated strategy that would reach and engage with the client’s global sales team.

  1. Manage a program that allowed them to run and execute automated campaigns.
  2. Engage salespeople and managers to to plan and create multi-stacked promotions while having in-depth reporting.
  3. Provide an automated rewarding experience to salespeople.

The Challenges

The client had a long history of running incentive programs both for its salespeople and channel partners, but these programs were typically run autonomously by individual salespeople and managers with varying degrees of reporting and oversight.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results

Enrolled and Earning

Over 4,500 salespeople joined from 45 countries


Sales Growth

Increased sales by 30% during the campaign period compared to the same period the prior year.

Easy and Automated

1,387 campaigns have been rolled out successfully to global market segments including over 80 vendor audiences

Award Winning

This program won several awards in Incentive Excellence and Sales Incentive Excellence

Highly Engaged

  • A 41% email open rate, almost double the industry average for B2B communications
  • Email open rate for gamification emails at more than 80%

Global Reach

Hit a global audience twice per year with gamification promotions.
“Through this point and prize-based program, we’ve generated millions of incremental sales dollars and cultivated a change in behavior at the desk. And the best part? The program runs itself!”
Client's Channel Partner

Regional Marketing Manager

“As a business leader it’s important to have incentive programs in my bag of tricks to improve participation in important areas of the business… It’s been really fun watching the team create ‘wish lists’ and then work their program to get after their selection. With options for travel, merchandise, experiences, and gifting, there’s something for everyone to be excited about.”
Client Program Champion

Director of Regional Business Development

How They Got Here

Program Design

HMI helped the client design a program utilizing the HMI OnDemand Engagement Platform where the client’s corporate marketing team could create, execute, promote, and track all incentive campaigns. The goal of this platform was to:

    • Allow the client to manage and automate hundreds of campaigns simultaneously
    • Create opportunities for audience segmentation, engaging different audiences in the channel
    • Create opportunities for gamification in the incentive programs
    • Drive strong engagement among users (sales personnel)
    • Reach the client’s global sales force
    • Have robust reporting capabilities that would allow the client’s management team to track the success of the programs

To keep the program fresh and salespeople engaged, the platform has grown to offer a variety of campaigns for incentivizing salespeople:

    • “Break the Bank” promotions (month-long, first-come, first-serve campaigns for highlighted vendor  products )
    • Learn and Earn eLearning initiatives
    • Spin to Win and other gamification strategies
    • Points gifting opportunities from divisional managers to reward key behaviors
    • On the Spot cards – allows vendor salespeople to award points directly to participant salespeople for behaviors outside of the traditional campaigns

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