Mobile Travel App: Engaging Travelers

A mobile app, TripBuzz, helps to increase engagement and Return on Experience for group travel programs

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

HMI Leadership Forum, and annual bringing together of HMI clients and prospects to review incentive trends and best practices.

The Audience

HMI Clients. 

The Objective

To provide clients with an engaging and innovative resource for making group travel even more exciting.

The Challenge

Designing a tool that participants would be effectively motivated to utilize, much like how many people express themselves with their social media accounts.

Feedback from Forum guests

Potential for Adoption

83% would consider using the app for their own group trips

Information Center

93% were satisfied with the information on the app

Streamlined Process

93% were satisfied with the ease and speed of downloading the app

Staying Up-to-Date

83% were satisfied with the notifications on the app

Never Getting Lost

92% were satisfied with navigation on the app
“Using the TripBuzz app for the past three years has been life changing for our group events. The app has allowed our attendees to receive to-the-minute updated event information, has provided a network to share photos and experiences, and created a way for us to keep the group engaged throughout our event. I highly recommend this app!”
Samantha Raney

General Manager, Dealer Tire

How They Got Here


TripBuzz Imagery

Program Design

As a specially designed app with exclusive access for trip participants and group travel administrators, TripBuzz allows for endless engagement and fun for all with help from the specialty promotions tool.

For administrators, the app can be customized down to the very resources available to participants. Admins can also send push notifications to trip attendees. Communications may include:

    • Directions
    • Last minute changes
    • Meeting locations
    • Agenda updates
    • Special promotion details

For participants, TripBuzz offers an array of useful resources, such as the trip schedule, property overview, a list of other attendees, activity options, and much more. They can also post pictures, contact other trip goers they’ve met, play games, and partake in special promotions.

Strategy & Implementation

Examples of app utilization include:

  • Creating fun and engaging competitions that encourage interaction with the app and others
  • Putting together special promotions like scavenger hunts that have group travelers exploring and enjoying their destination to its fullest

In-App Promotion Example:

During HMI’s Annual Leadership Forum, a group competition was combined with TripBuzz to create a uniquely fun and interactive experience.

To gain entry to the competition, participants had to post pictures and leave comments on other attendees’ photos. Everyone who engaged in the competition received a participation prize: high quality, portable Bose speakers.

The winner of the grand prize, who generated the highest number of posts and comments, received a pre-packaged overnight getaway with 2 tickets to the major sporting event of their choice.

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