Did your incentive program work? It’s a simple question with a complex answer: Are you looking at overall ROI? Year-over-year progress? Quarterly versus bi-annual promotions? At HMI, our experts tell you who your program is reaching, where it’s been most effective or how it can be improved. Our strategy is winning, and our bottom line is results.

What is R-Cube?

A proprietary technology of HMI, R-Cube is a results-based reporting and analytics solution that tracks, measures and analyzes program data. It’s a holistic view of your program that helps you optimize for efficiency and maximize your return on investment.



R-Cube provides data-driven analysis and perspective for evaluating the progress of your program and making informed decisions to improve your results.



R-Cube spotlights trends in performance data and helps identify pathways to better engagement.


Easy to understand

R-Cube’s findings are presented in easy- to-digest reports and dashboards that organize your efforts and simplify your program’s success.


Real time for
real results

From real-time reporting to post-hoc analysis, R-Cube is the key to unlocking your program’s true potential.

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