At HMI, we understand that engagement is a top priority requiring a tailored strategy. Our engagement solutions are both flexible and goal-oriented. Through peer-to-peer recognition, team-focused gamification and department-wide learning initiatives, we work with our clients to develop engagement programs that dramatically enhance the productivity and efficiency of the target audience.

“HMI partnered with us to develop an exciting program that was specifically customized to our needs. They continue to bring us creative ideas to maintain excitement with the sales associates.”

– Sports Apparel Client

Quality and Quantity

One of the best ways to engage a sales organization is through frequent and dynamic marketing communications that keep your program top-of-mind and reinforce the rewards that are recognizing your audience’s hard work.

Our Marketing expertise includes communications strategy, brand development, copywriting, graphic and web design, direct mail, eCommunications and video production.

Designing a Successful Engagement & Enablement Program

Are you looking for better ways to engage with a target audience? Through peer-to-peer recognition, team-focused gamification, and department-wide learning initiatives, engagement programs can dramatically enhance the productivity and efficiency of your target audience. It’s all a matter of asking the right questions.

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