An incentive strategy must offer the promise of quality awards or recognition to succeed. HMI’s award systems are designed to move the needle regardless of your program objectives. Our all-star customer service team means you can rest assured no detail is overlooked.


Individual incentive awards

We deliver memorable and meaningful incentive awards featuring unique platforms that can be leveraged to generate interest and excitement among targeted participants.

Testing Alt (ALT)

Group incentive travel

There’s nothing like great travel to motivate great performance. Offer your participants a once-in-a-lifetime reward, and watch their productivity go sky high. LEARN MORE…


Short-term promotions

Launching a new product? Looking to promote one of your product categories? Need a sales contest? HMI has you covered. LEARN MORE…


Meetings & events

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? With over three decades of meeting and event experience, we know it’s not only possible to incorporate fun into your meeting or company-level event – it’s profitable. LEARN MORE…


Global solutions

No matter where in the world your business takes you, you need an incentive strategy that can help it grow. At HMI, we offer dynamic solutions for motivating your customers or salespeople, wherever they may be. LEARN MORE…