Good communication is critical to effective performance strategies – helping build enthusiasm and excitement, keeping participants engaged, establishing campaign brand recognition and infusing your program with valuable momentum.

At HMI, we collaborate to understand your company culture and your customer demographics – developing, planning and executing a communications campaign that engages your audience and promotes maximum participation.

Creatives On Board

Our in-house team consists of seasoned communications and branding experts, web and print designers, as well as copywriters that work exclusively to build and manage incentive program solutions that are tailored to fit your program goals.

What We Do Best

  • Campaign marketing, planning and execution
  • Campaign brand identity and strategy
  • Campaign website design and implementation
  • Incentive program promotional strategies
  • E-mail marketing strategies and execution
  • Graphic design
  • Audio/visual marketing
  • Automated calling marketing
  • Direct Marketing – print collateral/brochures
  • Copywriting