At HMI, we strive to understand the specific challenges your company faces both internally and competitively. Our experts employ a knowledge-based and data-driven incentive strategy that identifies target objectives for your program and provides best-practice solutions that deliver quantifiable results. With unsurpassed experience and expertise, HMI can help take your business to the next level of performance success.

What is R-Cube?

R-Cube is HMI’s proprietary technology, a results-based reporting and analytics solution enabling us to track, measure and analyze your program’s data.


R-Cube provides data-driven analysis and perspectives that allow you to evaluate the progress of your program and make informed decisions to improve your results.


More than just a statistics generator, R-Cube spotlights trends in performance data and helps identify pathways to better engagement.

Easy to understand

R-Cube’s findings can be supplied in easy-to-digest reports and dashboards that organize and simplify your program’s successes.

Real time 
and beyond

From real-time reporting to post-hoc analysis, R-Cube is the key to unlocking your program’s true potential.