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People are an organization’s most important asset.

Using data and behavior-driven methodologies, strategic design, creativity, and empathy, every company can achieve their growth and profit goals through a comprehensive incentive loyalty strategy.

Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, MA, HMI Performance Incentives has grown to become a global leader in designing and operating effective incentive solutions. At HMI, we measure our success by the outcome of our clients’ satisfaction. Our programs are geared to help you boost your profit margin, increase customer or employee engagement and capture new market share. With over 40 years of experience in the incentive marketing industry, we know what it takes to deliver results.

The HMI Excellence Approach

Our four-stage approach to creating, promoting, and evaluating your incentive program


We learn about your business, how you go to market, and your objectives.


We design a blueprint to reflect your performance needs—from the big picture, down to the smallest detail.


Our expert team implements your program and monitors its progress.


Ongoing and overall program analysis drives continued enhancement and ensures performance benchmarks are achieved.


Award winning incentive expertise

Our Partners

Helping us deliver a better product and client experience

HMI is proud to partner with companies who are as devoted to their clients as we are. Through these collaborations, we are able to bring additional resources to our clients, furthering their capabilities at home and abroad. Our partners include:

Motivforce Marketing and Incentives

Motivforce is a global thought leader in the loyalty and performance incentives industries, who provides a host of creative and analytical services for companies looking to improve their incentive strategy. Together, HMI and Motivforce specialize in conceptualizing cutting-edge B2B solutions for a multinational clientele. By having offices in a number of strategic global hubs, we partner to manage localized programs backed with global technology and resources.

Channel Marketing Group
Channel Marketing Group

Channel Marketing Group is a strategic marketing and research firm focused on helping distributors and manufacturers.


HMI partners with TIMBR to optimize profitability and accelerate growth for building materials distributors. Through TIMBR’s association with ENAP, the nation’s largest building materials marketing group, HMI is able to deliver powerful, cost-effective programs.


HMI has partnered with LogicBay to help bring world-class solutions to all levels of the channel. Working together, HMI and LogicBay can better provide our clients with the fully-encompassing programs they need.


HMI’s partnership with SproutLoud means that out clients can become even closer to becoming a fully encompassing ecosystem for their customers and suppliers. Using Through Channel Marketing Automation, your ecosystem can reward and market all in one.


With Prokeep’s stake of the art communication platform available for HMI clients, distributors can now have quick and easy touch bases with the customers who mean the most. This partnership means better communication for everyone.


Staying connected to industry giants

HMI maintains memberships in a number of associations important to our incentive industry, as well industries that we serve. On top of being able to interact with like-minded organizations, these memberships allow us to remain current, ahead in the thought leadership and industry best practices of today, and continually improve our products and services for our clients and customers.

NAW Membership

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