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Create Mind Share to Increase Market Share

Differentiate and solidify your position at the top

To truly capture your “unfair” share of your market, you have to first capture mind share. That is, for your brand to be in the front of your customers or channel partners minds when they’re faced with a problem. For many companies, this is the real value of incentive programs, to stand out in their audience’s minds.

Your program will focus on market growth and market development. Most importantly, though, we will help you to pitch your most valuable, profitable, and differentiating services to keep customers coming back.

“HMI has exceeded our expectations from day one. We switched to HMI three years ago and we have never looked back. Our rewards program has been extremely effective growing our market share.”

– Electrical Distribution Client

Whose mind has some open real estate?

First, we’ll look at who your best target audience is. Is it your customers or channel partners? We’ll help you look through your go-to-market strategy to figure out the best opportunities on how to win mind share and achieve your goals.

Next, let’s look at how we’ll reach them. What’s the best vehicle for market share?

One of the best strategies we utilize for capturing mind share is something we call offensive incentives. Knowing your audience, let’s explore what will have the greatest impact for them. How do we establish you as not just their best option, but the company they’ll remember years down the road?

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