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Whatever you need, however you need it

At HMI, over 35 years of performance improvement experience gives us a leg up in the art of program design. With an emphasis on exploring options, envisioning a goal, executing a plan, and evaluating progress, we partner with you to design a program that addresses your business needs in an engaging way. Every program design is unique to your incentive strategy, earning criteria, company brand,  participant demographics, and rewards offering.

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Just as business challenges differ vastly — building customer loyalty, increasing market share, growing sales,  enabling channels, or building brand/product awareness — your incentive program design should be vastly different based on the challenges being addressed. At HMI, there is no one size fits all — each incentive program is unique. The proposed incentive solution, timing, audience, earning criteria, rewards, program supports, and marketing tactics are carefully crafted to carry out the incentive strategy determined through our Excellence Approach in collaboration with you and your business data.

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