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Your company, their brand preference

Your audience will have your brand top of mind. Your program, designed and operated by an experienced team of creative services and marketing professionals, will motivate your customers’ brand preference by distributing personalized communications that prove the value of your services. This enhances the experience and creates a community full of customers who make you their first call.

If cutting through your competition is a concern, do not fret. Our proven, award-winning marketing tactics can get your products in front of even the most unknown audience.

“[HMI’s] program helped me remember [the Client] more frequently, and I chose them more often because of this program.”

– Participant, Building Supplies Reward Program

What makes your brand unique?

We know your brand differs from your competition. Most likely, it’s your value-added services. No matter what you offer, our team will break down what makes your products and brand experience stand out above the rest. By encouraging engagement, your program’s marketing strategy, thoroughly executed by our team of experts, will grant you the highest enrollment and engagement possible.

Let’s determine the best marketing techniques to solidify their brand preference

Our marketing and creative services teams will buckle down on your brand preference KPIs. We’ll produce print materials, digital and mobile campaigns, billboard ads, and even send text messages to find out exactly where your audiences are paying attention and hit them where it makes most sense.

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