Data & Analytics

Measuring Your Program Pulse

Deeper Dive, Data Driven Analytics

At the end of the day, there’s really only one question that needs to be asked of your incentive program: Does it work? To know this, you need an incentive program that’s going to provide you with the data, reporting and analytics you need to gauge program engagement and success. Know who’s enrolled, how often they participate, and when they redeem, as well as optional group tracking and leaderboard stats.

Here’s where to start

At HMI, our data and analytics tell you who your program is reaching, where it’s been most effective or how it can be improved. Utilizing standard reporting, segmented hierarchy reporting, and deeper dive R-Cube analytics and reporting, you receive historical, real-time, and projected results for your incentive program. Our strategy is winning, and our bottom line is results.

R-Cube Data & Analytics

HMI’s proprietary R-Cube technology is the key to unlocking your program’s true potential. We use this innovative, results-based reporting and analytics solution to track, measure, and analyze your program data. R-Cube provides a holistic view that helps us optimize your program efficiency and maximize your return on investment. Our analytic services include data-driven monitoring of program performance, analysis of trends and pathways to better engagement, reports and dashboards that are easy to understand, and real-time reporting and post hoc analysis.

Hierarchy Reporting

Want your salespeople to see how their specific accounts are doing? HMI’s OnDemand Hierarchy Reporting option allows you to segment your site reports based on which group the viewer is part of.

Standard Reporting

HMI’s OnDemand Standard Reporting includes all program data (enrollment, point distribution, point redemption) available to you through charts and everything is exportable in Microsoft Excel.

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