The Best Channel Engagement Software in the Market

It’s more than just a technology.

The OnDemand Engagement Platform is a robust, flexible, and award-winning tool, recognized as a top channel incentive platform by Forrester. Your platform will be specially designed to fit your engagement needs, whether you’re targeting internal sales teams, external channel partners, or customers.

It’s more than just a technology, though. OnDemand is the vehicle that will drive your business strategy to success, giving you an additional tool in your belt to hit all-time engagement numbers now and in the future.


Audience Segmentation

Segment and personalize goals, messages, profiles, campaigns, and more. Personalize and segment your program for the ultimate success.

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Configurable Business Rule Engine

From intricate earning solutions to complex goal-based programs, your platform will work in tandem with your business strategy.

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Secure & Protected

Program security is paramount. Our reliable cloud-based structure ensures your program (and its data) remains safe.

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Fully Integrated Branding

Your platform will extend your messaging and reach unlike any other, adding a new layer to your brand to make the experience seamless.

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Award-Winning Claims Process

From simple claims form submission to a mobile invoice reader, instant validation and award payout makes it easy to submit.

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Personalized Promotions

The easy-to-use Campaign Manager allows you to develop and run segmented promotions, easily enhanced with gamification tactics.

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In-Depth Data Analytics

Today’s top professionals make key decisions based on the kind of data your platform provides. Track and see all your program activities real-time and build participant profiles.

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eCommerce Marketplace

With the OnDemand Engagement Platform comes a robust reward catalogue which participants, local or global, can spend points on.

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“The OnDemand Awards program helped us create a year-round brand loyalty program with sales associates from key national accounts. And the HMI team has been with us every step of the way”
Director of Engagement

Retail Client

The True Power of Segmentation

The Campaign Manager tool is one of the most powerful modules in the platform.

Run segmented promotional campaigns based on different audience profiles.

Or on promotional offerings, SKUs/products, game type, and so much more.

In-Depth Data & Analysis

Innovate with the power of data.

It’s easy with the reports you need to succeed.

Segment, view, analyze, and create reports to help build up your business intellence.

Gift & Recognize

Create a point bank for principals, managers, or admins to send points to program participants.

Allow team members to recognize each other.

Distribute physical or digital promo codes.

Invite Everyone or Just the Special Few

Invite every customer or the best of your channel parter or sales people.

Utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations and account approval capabilities.

Claims Made Simple

OnDemand lets you select the best claims process to fit your business.

1. Using the Mobile Invoice Reader, claims are as easy as mobile banking.

2. Participants can upload their claims.

3. Participants can pick and claim their sales.

Set Personalized Goals

Self-selected goals outperform assigned incentives by up to 25%.

Using the GoalChoice module, allow your participants to select their own goals.

Create goals for the important metrics: revenue, pipeline achievement, units sold, and much more.

eLearning & Enabling

Run an unlimited number of quizzes, tests, and more.

Segment tests based on participant profiles and performance.

Gamify your quizzes by offering awards and boost engagement.

The Perfect Brand Announcement Tool

Build, create, and distribute custom content that will be visible on the homepage of your platform.

Segment and personalize your brand announcements to certain audiences within the program.

Instill Some Healthy Competition

Custom leaderboards can be created to inspire friendly competition amongst your sales people or channel partners.

Using a gamification strategy, no change will be too big to implement.

Control Your Budget

Don’t spend more than you mean to.

The built-in Point Cap module keeps your spending where you plan it to be, never going over.

Be confident in your budget with the Point Cap module.

And So Much More!

OnDemand is a flexible tool made to fix your unique needs. There are many modules not listed here that can enhance your strategy, program, and platform.

Custom modules can be created as well. We love to grow with our clients. If there are aspects that you’d like to see in your program, reach out to us to discuss!

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We’re With You, Every Step of the Way

Our success is your success. Your platform will be developed, deployed, and managed to be a best-in-class incentive loyalty platform.

At the start, you’ll be assigned an account manager, who will support the utilization and adoption of your platform and strategy from implementation to ongoing enhancements. Your Account Manager will provide you with…

  • Strategic Reviews
  • Incentive Best Practices
  • Ongoing Engagement Suggestions
“One of the reasons why I use HMI is because their back-end analytics are phenomenal for a loyalty incentive program company. In the past, I’ve worked with big names, but HMI had better analytic capability than anybody I’ve run into.”

“The other thing HMI has helped me learn is, if you look at the people who I deal with baby boomers down to millennials, each one consumes information differently. This has forced me to serve that information up to them in different ways.”

Todd Owens

Director of Field Marketing, Information Technology Client

Don’t Forget Your Megaphone

Your OnDemand Platform will come fit with an extensive group of communication tactics, making your life easier and your participants happier.


  • Keep them up to date on their progress with eStatements
  • Integrate your corporate social media accounts for real-time updates
  • Send participants messages directly from the platform
  • Automate emails that trigger based on complex behaviors
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When [we] partnered with HMI, we discontinued our old rewards program that we administered in-house, and with HMI’s help rolled out the new [reward] program with them… We were concerned how our customers would receive being serviced by an ‘outside’ group.

“I can tell you that after having HMI for almost seven months, we have had zero complaints and HMI has exceeded our expectations in most every way. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been very professional, and not having to handle, procure, and administrate the rewards program in-house has allowed us to concentrate more on doing what we do best, servicing our customers.”

Vice President of Marketing

Automotive Aftermarket Client

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