Special Promotions

Short-term Investment, Long-Term Payoff

Add energy and excitement to your brand

A special promotion, sometimes called a short-term incentive or layered promotion, can last from weeks to months. It offers a compelling motivation that can be used to leverage buying and selling behaviors, to increase the visibility of specific products, or simply to serve as a token of appreciation. Whatever your objective, our special promotions can help take you where you want to go. From sweepstakes to open-ended contests, special promotions add energy and excitement to your brand, making HMI’s suite of proven offerings exactly what you need.

Here’s where to start

Whether you’re launching a new product, hoping to acquire new customers, or creating a little friendly competition, special promotions are a very effective incentive strategy. For a highly personalized approach, we’ll work with you to design, develop, and execute a unique reward that delivers results.


A Big Promotion in a Little Package

Promo2Go! is a turn-key incentive product that brings together the personal connection of an in-store retail promotion with the engagement and data collection capabilities of an online gamification platform. This versatile packaged solution allows you to apply your own insight to an easy-to-implement marketing campaign – everything you need is in the box.

Promo2Go! can be customized to fit your desired theme and distribution method. Tell us about your business, goals, and target audience, and we’ll help you determine the best Promo2Go! option.

Sweepstakes, Giveaways & Contests

Make Plans to Win Big

Move the needle by tapping into HMI’s games of chance, sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, and plateau programs. Whether they last one week or span multiple seasons, our special promotions programs can help motivate buying and selling behaviors, increase visibility of specific products, and reward loyal participants. Spin2Win, purchase to enter, or get in to get away — all ways lead to amazing prize options.

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