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Training at your fingertips

It’s a fact that about 48% of salespeople learn by trial and error (ASTD Research). Moreover, most sale teams are geographically dispersed, making training initiatives difficult to schedule and very time consuming to conduct. However, this doesn’t mean that training should be ignored. In a competitive field such as sales, it takes a knowledgeable salesperson to close a deal.

To work around these challenges, the best solution for sales training is eLearning. It’s not only the easiest answer, but it also offers the benefits like ease of access, flexibility, consistent and quality content, portability, and interaction.

Here’s where to start

HMI’s OnDemand eLearning Module offers sales training at your fingertips. Give participants an option to earn bonus points by completing a quiz related to a new product, brand history, or a recently rolled out sales policy. Our eLearning Module makes it easy to create, segment, and track quizzes, then reward participant engagement. Let HMI give you the tools to motivate your sales team or customers to learn more about your products and company.

eLearning Features
  • Easy to plan and create quizzes
  • Unlimited quiz creation
  • Client administered for instant launch
  • Ability to segment learning opportunities based on participant profiles
  • Instant point load upon quiz completion
  • Ability to institute set point banks to  remain on budget
  • Ability to set start/end  dates
  • Analytics to track participant engagement

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