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Keep things simple.

Offer your customers a tiered incentive strategy that rewards them for achieving greater levels of sales.

That’s what we did for a national paint distributor. We used our VacationAmerica promotional suite to design a contractor program featuring seven unique levels of achievement. As customers sold/bought more of our client’s product, they were able to earn more enticing travel awards.



Mindshare always matters.

In order to capture the discretionary business of your customers, first you need to capture their attention.

To increase brand awareness and market share for an electrical distributor, we created a unique group travel program. Participants represented 70% of company sales and generated 12% sales growth — and crossed sailing through the iconic Panama Canal off their bucket list.



Give them something
money can’t buy.

A gift card is nice – but imagine the lasting memories from an amazing group trip to Cancún.

Group incentive travel rewards participants with a uniquely memorable experience and builds relationships with your best and brightest salespeople in a fun, social environment. It’s an ideal way to keep them motivated and working to do more.



Studies have shown that group incentive travel is the most effective type of reward for high-level performances.

Identify the POI.

Effecting change in your channel takes knowing who’s driving its most important sales behaviors.

Our channel incentive programs target the point of influence (POI). Through our intuitive claims process, we helped a technology security firm identify these channel members and motivated them to move product through a steps-to-the-sale incentive structure.



In a word…yes!

Our unique campaign management tool makes managing multiple promotions easy.

Administer distinct sales SPIFs or partner promotions from one user-friendly viewing portal! A plumbing distributor client leveraged this capability, implementing a successful customer loyalty strategy to motivate dealer sales and to optimize periodic manufacturer promotions.



Participant sales grew 11%, with sponsoring manufacturers growing their promotional sales in excess of 50%

Show them their business matters.

Make your middle 60% feel like your top priority. Recognize the value of second-tier salespeople by offering enticing rewards. Consider the multi-level initiative we designed for one HVAC distributor: While top participants qualified for a group trip, others earned incentives via our OnDemand Rewards platform.



Gamify learning.

Transform learning initiatives into opportunities for growth to drive performance and prove that knowledge is profit. We helped a multinational IT firm to do just that, providing an incentive solution that educated their global distributor network while enabling the achievement of discretionary sales goals.



 The revenue target for the program was exceeded by 10%, or more than $78 million.

Go where global technology meets global expertise.

HMI and Motivforce Marketing and Incentives (MMI) — our global partner — means more than motivation.

Together, we are the dynamic global force behind the world’s cutting-edge B2B loyalty and performance improvement programs, incentives, event management and corporate hospitality.

Our progressive and ground-breaking approach will take your partner, employee and customer loyalty and incentive marketing to a whole new level, helping your business succeed beyond your expectations.

Centralize program infrastructure, but provide locally sourced rewards and services.

The HMI Excellence Approach

Create, promote and evaluate your incentive program in four easy stages to ensure excellence — and lock in results.