B2B Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is about trust. When your customers trust in your people, your processes, and your partnership, you win their loyalty. So when you’re looking for long-term success, turn to rewarding your most loyal customers for their trust.

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​The best B2B loyalty strategies use behavioral economics to retain current relationships and cultivate new ones. 

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Step 1: Goals. What Does Success Look Like?

Trust and respect don’t happen instantaneously. They’re built over time, much like market share, brand awareness, or incremental growth. What would it take for your program to grow sales and help your customers thrive?

Loyalty is an emotion, so whether you’re growing business with new customers or recognizing top performers, your program will help to build an emotional connection while also achieving sustained growth.

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Step 2: Data. Know Your Audience

Who are your customers? How much do you know about them, their buying habits, where they spend the most? Our data experts will analyze who your customers are and find the best opportunities for growth.

The best loyalty programs make a strong connection with your audiences while bringing in key influencers. Who will make your program successful?

Step 3: Solution. Achieving Your Vision

Are you building off an existing program or are you brand new to the idea of a B2B loyalty program?

Either way, we’ll work seamlessly between your process and key behavioral economics principles to make sure that your brand is the star of the show. Giving you a differentiating customer experience and building trust.

Choose your solution: Group Travel, Point Program, Promotion.

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Step 4: Analysis. For Ongoing Success

Beginning, middle, and end, your program is a data mine. Each step of the way, it’s important to measure the data and results against your original goal. We’ll do just that, because data’s part of our DNA.

You’ll have access to the most robust analysis platform in the incentive market, allowing you to segment, build the case, and continue success.

“When we decided to refresh our technician loyalty program, HMI delivered with the collaboration and creative insights that helped us build the highly successful Trane Supply Tech Rewards. We are proud to be partners in this award-winning work that will drive customer loyalty and success in our supply stores for years to come.”

Heather Rodino

Vice President of Marketing, Trane Technologies Residential HVAC and Supply

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