Reward Fulfillment

More Than Just Rewards

Only the best will do

Research shows that people’s actions and performances are often motivated by exciting, non-cash, and cash rewards. Our programs at HMI provide your participants with an opportunity to dream – to use their performance to strive for an attainable goal. Our vast selection of incredible non-cash incentives includes top-shelf merchandise, individual travel, and experiential rewards, tickets to premium events, VIP concierge services, and more.

Here’s where to start

What sets HMI apart is our personalized dedication to reward fulfillment and redemption services. It’s a commitment to ensuring every member of your audience is motivated by what they can get and impressed with how they get it.

We do it by seamlessly combining inventory control and product management with our competitive awards database and an efficient global network of redemption centers. The result: a prompt delivery process that operates worldwide and is backed by our team of highly-trained customer service specialists who track redeemed items from the warehouse right to your participants’ front doors.

Reward Fulfillment Features
  • Over 25,000 Products including top brands, worldwide travel, extraordinary experiences, digital subscriptions, real-time hotel booking, and gift cards
  • Concierge Services
  • Travel planning assistance
  • Special shopping for items outside the catalog
  • Extensive product expertise
  • Dedicated 800 # with little-to-no wait times
  • Online chat w/customer service staff
  • 97% of rewards delivered in 3-5 business days
  • Real-time package tracking
  • Worry-free return policy

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