Corporate Social Responsibility It’s the HMI Way.


It’s in everything we do.

At HMI Performance Incentives, community is our passion. We strive to give our full potential back to the communities around us, be them local, national, or international. We empower our employees to make an impact beyond just themselves and help our clients to do the same. Our mission is to support the causes and communities that we and our clients are passionate about. That means finding a way to bring good into every program and helping our clients execute on their values.

Below are just a few examples of the CSR events that we’ve run with our clients and internally. Take a look! 

Food Insecurity In Aruba 

During a travel trip to Aruba with client, Manning Building Supplies, HMI and the Manning put together a volunteer event where participants of the trip would package up non-perishable food and hygiene supplies for families in need in the area with help from the Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad. 

Together we were able to supply 40 families with a month’s worth of supplies! So many of the trip-goers shows up for the event and expressed a deep connection with the event. HMI was awarded the Most Impactful Effort Toward CSR as Part of an Incentive Program award from the SITE Crystal Awards for the program. 

For more information about FPNC and to donate, visit their website. 

Food Insecurity In Mexico

Recently, HMI and UniCarriers worked to stand up an event that over half of the participants on their travel program attended! We worked together to integrate this food and hygiene packing event into their annual trip, and it was a huge success.

By working with an organization called Alltournative, we were able to deliver hundreds of pounds of food and hygiene supplies to 60 Mayan families in just 45 minutes. 

If you’d like to learn more about the event, click here.

UniCarriers CSR
Powisset HMI Volunteer

Preserving and Protecting Special Places

Recently, HMI’s team went to work with The Trustees, Massachusetts’ largest preservation and conservation nonprofit organization. We worked at the Powisset Farm not far from our corporate office to celebrate the end of the spring season and to stay true to our CSR values. 

We weeded plant beds, planted sunflower seeds, trellised peas, and strung a wire fence around a new field to protect from grazing deer!

To learn more about The Trustees and Powisset Farm, click here.

Spread Kindness

In the immediate wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, HMI asked its community questions like “Who or what is inspiring you right now?” These questions, crafted to spread positivity and kindness, generated heartfelt and meaningful responses.

“People spending time with their families and noticing things they usually take for granted.” – Campaign Participant.

As part of the campaign, we polled our audience to help us pick charitable organizations to donate to. Our audience chose St. Jude’s, St. Baldrick’s, Rocky Mountain Lab Shelter, and Central Texas Foodbank.


spread kindness

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