Mobile Invoice Reader

Invoice Submission as Easy as Mobile Banking

Eliminate costs, achieve higher adoption, and generate SKU tables

Are you running a rebate or invoice submission program for contractors? What if that program could do more for you than inspire loyalty? What if it could provide you with a database full of marketable contractor data as well? With Snap2Claim you can to cut costs by automating your invoice submission process while capturing a complete database full of purchase behaviors like average order size, frequency, product mix, and bundling.

Snap2Claim can be utilized as a stand alone product, helping you to identify market trends and adapt to them or as a part of HMI’s OnDemand platform and used to quicken the payout of your program’s rewards.

Snap2Claim for accurate data capture

With Snap2Claim, you can capture a complete and accurate data set of invoice submission and transactions, including competitor products. HMI’s Snap2Claim mobile invoice reader automatically processes and validates invoice data, then can rewards points accordingly for expedited point payout. Avoid manual entry errors, and fix problems like changing products and SKUs. Contractors submit their data simply and conveniently with one click using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. 

Award Winning Tool

Incentive Marketing Association’s Circle of Excellence Innovation Award Winner

Snap2Claim, the award-winning tool, is one of the most impactful innovations to hit the incentive market. Invoice submission will never be the same.

Whether you’re trying to acquire more data and give your customers a better experiencebe the first in your industry to adopt a data-driven strategyor reward your loyal customers, Snap2Claim is your answer.

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