HMI has a global reach. Our OnDemand administrative platform provides your program with full-service support and fulfillment in more than 80 countries worldwide.

With over a dozen regional offices on multiple continents, we seamlessly accommodate local customs and trends, cost of living adjustments, diverse participant demographics and more. It’s a global network that offers you tracking and reporting services efficiently and in real-time. Whether your customers are in Boston or Beijing, HMI can help you inspire better performances.

Our global brand

Your global incentive strategy thrives with a cohesive network of partners who know just what it takes to succeed in the international marketplace. Enter HMI and our London-based sister brand, Motivforce Marketing and Incentives (MMI): We specialize in conceptualizing cutting-edge B2B solutions for a multinational clientele.

Global technology. Local expertise.

We understand the challenges that go along with supporting a workforce or customer network that extends across countries and continents, from navigating international tax regulations to identifying local suppliers. At HMI, we have the know-how and strategic capabilities to help you reach your global audience, increasing your business efficiency on a truly global scale.