Effective incentive programs drive the performance of a direct or indirect sales force. But the measure of a truly successful program is its ability to inspire, motivating and invigorating your sales team. That’s where we come in.

Whether it’s rewarding the top 20% of your sales force or moving the needle with your middle 60%, we hear your objectives and tailor the best solution to meet them. Our diverse array of sales incentive solutions can be structured to meet the needs of your business, and our success is based on concrete results.

HMI is a valued partner in our success. The program has enabled us to meet and exceed our very ambitious sales growth goals year after year.

– Client Feedback /Automotive

Reaching the middle 60%

Your sales team and customer base are the touch points for driving results. Motivating the middle tier of either group can be a challenge, but HMI’s incentive programs have a track record of inspiring year-over-year sales and purchases across multiple industries. Let us help boost your sales and increase your “share of wallet” to support longer-term customer growth.

Designing a Successful Sales Incentive Program

Are you seeking to optimize your sales organization’s performance? By employing a sales incentive strategy, there’s much to gain, and little to lose. It’s all a matter of asking the right questions.

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