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Enabling valued partners with tools and knowledge

Target the most influential parts of your channel through proven technology and channel enablement strategies. Arm your sales team and channel partners with the tools they need to excel in their jobs and make your own boss proud. Teach them invaluable product knowledge, brand expertise, and steps-to-sale processes that will help grow their careers and bring you timeless value.

First, you’ll work together with our team of incentive experts to identify your best fit audience. Then we’ll work together to determine how best to reach them and imbue them with product knowledge.

“[The] Follow the Wire program is a best-in-class platform for providing up-to-date information, training and educational resources. Marvell’s program provides incentives for our team to stay current, access the latest collateral, view on-demand videos, and attend live webinars and webinar replays. This keeps information about new and emerging features readily available at your fingertips.”

– Participant, Marvell’s Follow the Wire Program

First, what does your channel look like?

There are different routes to take when it comes to working direct vs. indirect, where you are in the channel, and how packed the competition for mind share might be. We’ll help you navigate these areas and come up with the best channel enablement strategy.

Then, you narrow down channel enablement goals and pick a solution that fits

If you’re looking to increase product knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at some solutions that will help you ensure engagement in your eLearning initiatives, steps-to-the-sale processes, claims-based earning, and more.

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