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by | May 9, 2017 | Blog

HMI_TripBuzz_Logo_vFA-1.pngHMI’s Group Incentive Travel Programs See Fantastic Results with New App

Here at HMI, we’re always asking ourselves how we can further improve our clients’ onsite experiences, whether it’s an incentive travel program, meeting, convention, or special event.  If you’ve ever run one of these programs, you know how difficult it can be to communicate last minute changes and updates with your participants, especially last minute changes.

This is why we decided to implement a mobile app into all of our group travel programs. This app, TripBuzz, is used as a seamless communication tool between the attendees and the administrators of the trips. It makes the trips even more engaging, as it provides attendees with an exclusive forum where they can network, share photos, and get all of the important trip details.


Awesome, trip-enhancing features.

TripBuzz includes great features such as the activity feed, where you’ll see status updates and photos shared by attendees and admins, and notifications about the trip and events that are going on. You can also have icons for the list of attendees, the trip schedule, arrival and departure procedures, maps of the surrounding location and the hotel, commonly used phrases for when you’re traveling to a country with a different language, and so many more customizable pages.  You have the ability to personalize all features of the app with logos, splash pages, banner, color scheme, and more.


Perks for Attendees and Admins

With the TripBuzz app, attendees can keep track of important information such as event times, whereabouts, and cancelations. While on the trip, instant push notifications serve as reminders and provide important instructions. The app is also great for posting pictures, meeting up with friends, and keeping track of new contacts. You can even link your social media profiles right to TripBuzz!

For administrators, the app is a breeze to use and makes life on the trip so much easier. Communicate last minute changes to all participants and keep attendees up to date on weather warnings. Also, utilize the gamification aspect of TripBuzz to promote engagement and discussion (and some healthy competition!). For instance, have your attendees go on a photo scavenger hunt and post their findings to the activity feed! You can also survey your participants at any time during the program right within the app. Additionally, there’s space on TripBuzz’s platform designated for sponsors of the trip, which will give visibility to those always-important stakeholders.

From plumbing suppliers to financial institutions, our attendees have responded quite well to incorporating TripBuzz into their programs.  Participants were thrilled with the performance and usefulness of the app, giving a resounding 93% overall satisfaction rate. Additionally, 99% of participants who used TripBuzz found the information displayed on it satisfactory, 97% were pleased with the ease of the downloading process, and 93% appreciated the notifications sent out by the onsite administrators.

The app also got some rave reviews, “It was nice to have access to the agenda, as well as all the people in attendance,” “It was a great way to communicate with the group and I enjoyed the photos and names of everyone on the trip,” and “Exceeded my expectations.”

As far as overall engagement went, TripBuzz turned out to be very popular. Participants, on average, spent a total of 26 minutes over the dates of the trip. The average user also made 6 contributions to the message board, status updates, comments, likes, and shares. Lastly, the sponsor section, provided for recognition, received 7,226 impressions.

Here to Stay

TripBuzz has proven to be fun, innovative, and engaging for participants and an invaluable tool for administrators. As part of the HMI Group Incentive Travel package, when you partner with us, you’ll be sure to get the engagement you need from your participants to grow your sales and your business.

Interested in running a program or integrating TripBuzz into your existing program? Reach out to HMI at 888.220.4780


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