HMI x ALLPRO Spring Meeting 2023

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We were thrilled to be first time vendor at the ALLPRO Spring Meeting.
Here are some useful resources for ALLPRO Members & Suppliers.


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Brian Szymanel,

Account Executive

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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

Increase Sales & Wallet Share

Contractors generally focus their purchases on 3 or more distributors.

Increasing wallet share and increasing sales means gobbling up the extra dollars they could be spending with other distributors. With all other things equal, 74% of contractors would move business for an incentive.

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Success Stories: Increase Sales

Click here to see examples of companies who succeeded in increaseing sales and gaining wallet share.

Capture Data Insights

Knowing who your audience is is half the battle.

We don’t mean knowing that they’re your customers or salespeople. No, we mean really knowing them. Like what behaviors do they do before making a purchase? Or what kind of reward would give them an authentic emotional connection?

Data is king nowadays. Programs like the one’s run by these companies provided pivotal insights into reaching their audiences.

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Success Stories: Capture Data

Click here to see examples of companies who succeeded in capturing data.

Encourage Digital Adoption

The world is going digital. Are you ready?

You might be, but your sales people and customers might not be. Sometimes it takes a little push to get them to support your digital efforts.

If you’re struggling with eCommerce or the digital transition, take a look at this guide for distributors.

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Guide: eCommerce for Distributors

Download this guide to see how to implement eCommerce, how to focus efforts, and some dos and don’ts.

Differentiate from Competition

Standing out is the name of the game.

Your value added services are one of the best ways to differentiate yourself. But do your customers really understand them or know about them?

You need a way to communicate these value added services while making them easier and cheaper to execute on.

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Success Stories: Differentiation

Click here to see examples of companies who succeeded in differentiating themselves.

Capture Mindshare

Being the first call can make or break your go-to-market strategy.

Since contractors generally purchase from at least 3 distributors, it can be easy to fall to the wayside if you don’t keep front of mind.

The best way to capture mindshare is to engage frequently and in memorable ways.

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Success Stories: Gain Mindshare

Click here to see examples of companies who succeeded in capturing mindshare.