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An award-winning claims submission process drives renewed engagement and revenue through a mobile invoice reader

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

A leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, Polyglass USA, Inc.

The Audience

Roofing Contractors

The Objectives

  • To find creative ways to recruit and profile contractors.
  • To reduce complicated manual workload for participants, increase engagement, and drive sales through innovation.
  • To gain market intelligence on purchasing trends in the industry.

The Challenges

  • The client’s existing claims process was time-consuming for the participant and required manual, one-by-one invoice submission.
  • The client also had little relationship with the contractor, and thus, minimal visibility on how contractors bought products and what products were purchased together.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results

Enrollment Boom

Estimated enrolled contractors doubled

Speeding Up

Time to submit an invoice improved 500%, from 120 sec/invoice to 20 sec/ invoice


More Claims Than Ever

Claim activity increased 44% YoY. During the campaign, 23,630 claims were submitted total.


Raking in the Revenue

Revenue increased 90% YoY

New Insights

82K records of competitive data, up 15x YoY


This program won in the 2019 Excellence Awards with IMA for Innovation.

“From concept to launch, HMI has been a crucial partner in the evolution of our QRewardss Contractor Loyalty program, and we are very proud to consider HMI a partner in our success. When faced with challenges early on, HMI took the lead to develop what would be a game-changerfor the Polyglass program (Snap2Claim)… vastly improving our customer experience and differentiating Polyglass’ QRewards from other competitive programs.”

Scott Lelling

Director, Strategic Marketing, Polyglass USA, Inc.

How They Got Here


program login

Program Design

Knowing the client’s challenges and goals, HMI offered its mobile invoice reader, dubbed Snap2Claim. This technology helps to recognize words and numbers on an invoice by taking a picture of it. This software was an add-on to the client’s existing incentive program, called QRewards.

The mobile invoice reader utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithm to “recognize ” the format of the different types of invoices, “train” the device (computers, tablets, mobile phones) to “read” what is on the invoice, then “stores” the data into a database for analysis. In the case of QRewards, this analysis was “calculating” the number of reward points that should be awarded to the contractor on eligible product sales, making any rebate/SPIF program instant.

In the background, Snap2Claim validates the data on the invoice and collects other relevant data into a database. Once collected and analyzed, the data allow the client to…

    • Learn the purchase behaviors of customers based on order size, frequency, product mix, and bundling
    • Identify valued customers that have the potential to be better targeted and nurtured
    • Gain insights on competitor’s products such as pricing and packaging
    • Evaluate distributor pricing to then design targeted strategies with this knowledge.

Using Snap2Claim, instead of keying in invoice details manually into the reward website, participants in the Polyglass QRewards program could now take a photo of their invoice/receipt, upload it to the program site, and get rewarded. As easy as mobile bank depositing.

HMI also put together an elaborate marketing campaign for the QRewards program to help promote the new capability and increase engagement with the program and technology.

Strategy & Implementation

Program strategy included:

  • Solutions fobused on data collection and business intelligence
  • Personalized purchase goals
  • Designed to increase engagement by limiting steps to rewards
  • Targeting distributor sales personnel to help enroll contractors
  • Strategic marketing for targeting key accounts
  • Dedicated incentive program management team

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