HMI Enhances Its Channel Offering by Partnering with LogicBay

by | April 16, 2019 | Press Release

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A partnership that brings world-class channel solutions to clients

NORWOOD, MA. April 16, 2019 – HMI Performance Incentives has recently added LogicBay, a provider of integrated technology solutions for the sales channel, as a strategic partner. This partnership brings a wide range of opportunities for LogicBay and HMI clients. Together, the two companies can now provide clients with fully-encompassing, well-rounded channel programs.

For LogicBay, HMI brings its reward fulfillment capabilities, which range from merchandise to cash to travel to experiences, and more along with in depth data analysis and increased engagement capabilities. LogicBay, in return, can work with HMI based on client need to include a full-scale Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software platform. Client partners will be able to visit their platform to find necessary materials for selling such as eLearning courses and certifications, while also being rewarded with an extensive catalogue.

Regarding the partnership, HMI’s CEO, Kiwon Chang, had this to say. “We’re excited to work with LogicBay, a leader in PRM software solutions in channel programs. Together with LogicBay, HMI will be able to provide a rich set of channel relationship and incentive solutions to a broader set of clients to meet their business objectives.”

John Panaccione, LogicBay’s CEO, added “HMI’s performance improvement solutions allow us the opportunity to seamlessly combine PRM support for our customers and their sales partners with innovative incentive programs that align rewarding performance with achieving business goals. In today’s highly competitive selling environment – particularly for manufacturers who almost all sell through a sales channel – incentives are a key component that often lead to powerful results. We’re glad to have HMI as a partner for this.”



About HMI Performance Incentives

Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, MA, HMI Performance Incentives is a global leader in designing and managing sales and customer incentive solutions. At HMI, success is measured by the outcome of our clients’ programs and their satisfaction. Our programs are designed to accelerate sales, increase customer or employee engagement, and increase market share. With nearly 40 years of experience in the performance improvement industry, we know what it takes to deliver results. For additional information, visit

About LogicBay

LogicBay provides technology-enabled Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions that enable organizations to build, scale, and optimize their sales channel. LogicBay PRM technology supports the entire sales channel life cycle from recruiting and onboarding sales partners to managing a global network of partners in multiple languages. For additional information, visit

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