HMI Performance Incentives Launches New Data Capture Technology, Snap2Claim

by | January 23, 2018 | Press Release

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Providing a brand new technology to the incentive market and much needed business intelligence to HMI’s OnDemand clients.

NORWOOD, MA. January 23, 2018 – HMI Performance Incentives recently launched its newest product, Snap2Claim. This innovative new data capture technology provides a comprehensive claims process that’s easy to use for reward program participants. Utilizing software automation and HMI’s SaaS platform integration, Snap2Claim takes business intelligence to the next level while also offering HMI clients a way to give their participants a quicker, more efficient, and much more user-friendly experience.

How does it work? Participants login to their reward program web site using their preferred mobile device or computer. Once they’ve selected whether they’re submitting from their phone/tablet/computer and whether they have a single page or multipage invoice, then they use their preferred device to snap a picture or upload a scan file from their computer to submit an invoice. Snap2Claim’s automated, self-learning software matches the invoice data with product lists to identify qualifying product purchases. Participants check the submission status of their invoices and their rewards will be on the way quickly – the software keeps them informed every step of the way.

What makes Snap2Claim better than other claims solutions? Snap2Claim delivers Smart Reader technology combined with intelligent, self-learning software; a mobile platform option for quick, simple, and convenient claims submission; advanced data capture for market research analytics; and a fully integrated SaaS engagement platform, OnDemand, powered by HMI. Snap2Claim’s progressive claims process eliminates time-consuming manual entry and also works around the challenges of constantly changing product lists. Better business intelligence emerges from data collected, which can be analyzed by HMI’s team to pinpoint buying behaviors, market trends, and much more.

HMI’s client, a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, has already seen great success with Snap2Claim technology installed on their online rewards program site. Within the first month of relaunching their program, over 1,600 invoices were processed, which have included over 6,000 SKUs. What’s more, the Snap2Claim technology has approved more than 1,300 of those SKUs automatically. Plus, with every invoice submitted, more and more data has been added to the ever-learning technology, providing them with the business intelligence they need to stay ahead.


About HMI Performance Incentives

Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, MA, HMI Performance Incentives is a global leader in designing and managing sales and customer incentive solutions. At HMI, success is measured by the outcome of our clients’ programs and their satisfaction. Our programs are designed to accelerate sales, increase customer engagement, and expand market share. With more than 35 years of experience in the performance improvement industry, we know what it takes to deliver results.


Contact: Sabrina Manno


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