HMI Releases Exciting Updates to Its OnDemand Engagement Platform

by | March 26, 2019 | Press Release

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Adding a Variety of New Capabilities for Clients

NORWOOD, MA. March 26, 2019 – HMI Performance Incentives is proud to announce the launch of several new enhancements on its OnDemand SaaS engagement platform. The OnDemand platform provides secure communication for HMI’s clients to engage and reward their customers, sales personnel, or channel partners.

The first set of new enhancements are to the MessageBuilder and SliderBuilder Modules, which allow personalization of high-value areas within the program’s website platform. These updates allow HMI’s clients to build and promote personalized campaigns to target groups within their audiences. These groups can be segmented by participant profiles to increase relevancy and engagement.

In addition to personalized communication, HMI’s Twitter Integration Module ties social media accounts directly into the incentive platform. This module provides clients with a captive audience and another, simplified platform in which they can promote their brand and connect with their customers, salespeople, or channel partners.

Increased personalization and social media connectivity are only made better with the use of HMI’s Goal Setting Module, which allows distributor clients to promote manufacturer stakeholders while setting purchase goals for participants in the program. Using this module, distributor clients can run in-depth and targeted campaigns on behalf of manufacturer partners, building a strong relationship within the channel while engaging participants with a personalized promotion. While the client can set hundreds of goals, the promotional enhancements still manage to remove clutter from the platform dashboard.

All of these new updates complement HMI’s revolutionary data capture technology, Snap2Claim. This Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is designed to continuously improve in the recognition of all types of invoices and SKUs, building up highly useful databases and digital insights for clients. In combination, personalized communication, social media connectivity, goal-setting expansion, and data capture technology have helped address the growing and changing needs of clients on all levels of the channel, from manufacturer to end-user and beyond.


About HMI Performance Incentives

Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, MA, HMI Performance Incentives is a global leader in designing and managing sales and customer incentive solutions. At HMI, success is measured by the outcome of our clients’ programs and their satisfaction. Our programs are designed to accelerate sales, increase customer or employee engagement, and increase market share. With more than 38 years of experience in the performance improvement industry, we know what it takes to deliver results.

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