The Spread Kindness Initiative Drives Positivity in Response to COVID-19

by | August 4, 2020 | Press Release

For Immediate Release

HMI Performance Incentives runs a campaign, gathering stories about what is inspiring or motivating people during difficult times while donating to charitable causes.

NORWOOD, Mass. July 17, 2020 – HMI Performance Incentives’ campaign, Spread Kindness, which was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the Hermes Creative Awards, was a charitable push put together to help spread positivity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To spread positivity to contrast the news during the pandemic, HMI asked individuals in its audience to share stories, answering questions such as “who or what is inspiring you right now?” and “what’s keeping you motivated?”

With the help of everyone who participated, HMI was able to donate to charities like St. Jude’s, St. Baldrick’s, Rocky Mountain Lab Shelter, and Central Texas Foodbank.

Run through a gamification platform, participants of the campaign would answer the 2-3 questions then were brought to a spin wheel where they would spin to receive an entry into the weekly prize drawings. Weekly prizes consisted of donations in the winners’ names to the charity of their choosing, “Eat Well Prizes”, which consisted of an Omaha Steaks® package, and “Stay Busy Prizes”, or curated merchandise packages.

Some respondents to the questions “who or what is inspiring your right now?” replied:

“People spending time with their families and noticing things they usually take for granted.”

“What is so inspiring is seeing Doctors and Nurses working so hard to help patients be comfortable and putting themselves at risk. They are so brave.”

“Workers in grocery stores, post offices, and manufacturing facilities who keep going to work, day after day.”

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