How to Stand Out in the Food and Beverage Industry

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Blog

When dealing with a competitive market like food and beverage, you must know how to grab your target audience’s attention. With a shifting market like today’s, you’ll want to stand out from all your competitors.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can stand out in different ways.

Food and Beverage Websites, More than a First Impression

Websites are one of the first ways to properly introduce yourself to your target audience. Any B2B companies have found that websites provide their target audience with a quick preview of who they are. With how fast pace everything is, updating your website to provide the efficiency of buying your product, providing useful information like accurate inventory and pricing, and delivery dates and times will help boost sales directly and indirectly.

One of the issues with the food and beverage industry is the difficulty in reaching your audience. It’s dependent on bringing your product to events, providing a spot for your food to be tastes and more. These events are very hands on, requiring an in-person presence, and be very expensive. Websites can speed this process as well as promote more opportunities to continue to have those events.

You need to add factors to your site that not many companies are using yet, which leads us to reward programs.

Shake Things Up with a Rewards Program

A good way to stand out is to create a rewards program for your target audience. They’re actually becoming more common in this industry, but each company can stand up its own to help them to fit their specific needs and to differentiate their offerings. Most programs right now are targeting the consumer, giving them rewards for buying certain products or certain quantities.

Below are examples of different types of incentives and where you can try and focus on based on your needs.

Customer Loyalty (Most Common): a marketing approach that recognizes and rewards customers who purchase or engage with a brand on a recurring basis. A company may dole out points or perks, and graduate customers to higher levels of loyalty the more they buy.

Channel Incentives: these programs are performance-based and aim to improve the yield, reach, or mix of a group of partners. Common incentives include volume rebates, new customer bonuses, sales performance incentive funds, etc.

Sales Incentives: a system that rewards salespeople who meet specific goals. Rewards may be monetary — such as bonuses — or non-monetary. Sales incentive programs are supplemental to the standard compensation structure and are designed to motivate salespeople to exceed their usual performance metrics.

Build in Tools to Enhance Reliability

Your target audience needs to see consistency and be able to rely on you if issues arise. Having an online presence is a good way to keep open communication with your target audience. Here are a few tools that could help you build a differentiated service offering.

  • Prokeep is an extremely helpful distributor tool. It helps connect distributors to their customers by text message.

Your target audience having a way to chat with someone in real time can be very beneficial and could quickly remove any confusion, add a personal touch, and ease frustration instead of relying on automated messages that lack much detail.

If you find yourself struggling with growth in any area, look to professionally trained knowledge consulting services to help you discover a strategy and identify what you need to do to execute it and make your new endeavor a success.

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to get an outside perspective on what different methods your company can try to help it grow.


“Anyone can sell stuff, it’s how we do it. It’s how we sell that is how we differentiate ourselves.” Using these methods can really make you stand out from your competitors. It allows your target audience to feel appreciated and encourage them to want to work with you more.

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