Manufacturer: Newer and Better

A manufacturer of HVAC parts and supplies successfully reboots their old program with a streamlined strategy.

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

A global manufacturer of HVAC parts and supplies, selling through captive distribution

The Audience

HVAC technicians, the client’s customers

The Objectives

  • Reboot the client’s previous rewards program in a way that participants could engage with.
  • Drive participant engagement and redemption

The Challenges

The client needed to switch over their previous manual program to a more streamlined, automated one.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results

Successful Signups

The program saw a 43% signup rate among invited customers, well above the first-year industry average of 30%

Active vs. Non Active

Compared to “not actived” customers, customers in the program contributed 200% more revenue, 400% higher quantity products, and 10+% more product categories.

Highly Engaged

Program emails saw an average 42% open rate for US participants and 48% for Canadian participants, compared with the industry average of 18%

Working Sustainably

Nearly 1,000 participants engaged in the client’s learn-and-earn promotion focused around sustainability

Changing Behaviors

Active participants in the program were 90% more likely to buy online, a major goal for the client

Program Leads to Purchase

90% of respondents said that the program led them to purchase more, was value add to them, and was easy to understand.

“HMI delivered with the collaboration and creative insights that helped us build the highly successful Rewards Program. This work that will drive customer loyalty and success in our company for years to come.”

Program Stakeholder

How They Got Here

Program Design

The client’s previous rewards program required that participating technicians manually log their points with the stores where they purchased their product, which created an unwieldy process that led to low engagement. In order to revamp their old program, the client needed to create an automated process for awarding points.

To help them overcome these challenges and achieve their goals, HMI worked with the client to design a new points program that was easy to sign up for and user-friendly across multiple devices. Frequent communications helped inform customers about the benefits of the program and gave detailed instructions on how to enroll, earn, and redeem with the program.

Strategy and Implementation

In order to let customers know about the program, the client implemented many marketing tactics like a teaser email series that kept them in informed well in advance of the program’s launch. Customers that had outstanding point balances from the previous program were assured that their points would carry over to the new one.

The client also worked with HMI to produce a variety of digital and print tactics that allowed customers to engage with the program without needing to interact with a sales associate in person, such as touchless QR codes on storefront materials for limited in-store interactions and curbside pickup.

In-Branch Marketing

HMI designed “Point-of-Purchase” program launch kits for the client to distribute to their branches in order to get the word out about the program. These included:

  • An overview letter announcing the new program
  • Reward program poster with QR code to enroll
  • Counter mat with QR code
  • Other merchandise with QR codes

Frequent access to the QR code made it easy for customers to learn about and sign up for the program.

Engagement Promotions

Another key goal was to drive participant engagement, the client also implemented multiple promotions rewarding participants for certain preferred behaviors. These included:

  • “Holiday Promotion”: In November and December 2021, the program ran a special holiday campaign. Participants who saved an item to their account using the program’s wish list feature were entered in a drawing to in an extra 50,000 points.
  • “Technician Learning Promotion”: as part of the client’s commitment to sustainability, their refrigerant reclaim promotion awarded technicians with extra points for bringing in leftover refrigerant to be disposed of. Additionally, the client implemented a “learn and earn” module that further rewarded participants for passing a quiz related to the promotion.

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