Distributor: For the Love of the Game

A fantasy-like football promotion conquers three objectives at once for a national distributor

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

A national distributor serving construction and electrical supplies.

The Audience

Electrical Contractors

The Objectives

  1. Capture mindshare.
  2. Collect data about their
  3. Promote key suppliers.


    The Challenges

    Maintaining engagement can be a difficult endeavor. The reality for the distribution business is that many contractors work with
    an average of four different wholesalers. This makes maintaining mindshare and relationships paramount.

    The Client’s Current State and Key Results

    Capturing Mind and Market Share

    Bonus Point Opportunities led to 5,000+ web visits, 12,000+ video views, 21,000+ survey questions answered

    Key Vendors

    Four vendors were promoted through the program platform

    High Engagement

    Even by the end of the promotion 38% of participants were still engaging with the promotion

    In the Right Direction

    Vendor products were promoted and learning opportunities led to more traffic for vendors.

    Don't Let It End!

    Engagement with the platform persisted past the close of the contest

    Much Needed Info

    Bonus point questions answered questions like, “What are your most important considerations when purchasing products?”

    “I had more fun doing this than you can imagine. Thank you so much. I hope you do this next year. Thanks.”

    Promotion Participant

    How They Got Here


    devices platform

    Program Design

    Knowing the client’s priorities, HMI offered a promotional platform: an online football-based promotion, with a twist. Run during football season, contractors had the opportunity to compete for weekly prizes and a grand prize, which included one of HMI’s All For You Carefree Collection Packages.

    Here’s how it worked.

    After registering for the promotion, participating contractors would make six picks every week, choosing which teams they predicted would win throughout the entire football season. That’s 17 weeks of engagement!

    Every correct pick would grant the participants points, and at the end of the season, the participant with the most points won the grand prize! Underdog picks rewarded more points. On top of earning points for picks, the platform offered bonus point opportunities weekly.

    Utilizing this capability, the client could ask the participants questions and offer interactive asks. For instance, the client could have participants watch a video or visit a certain area of their website. They could also include links to training modules and ask questions to help build up their marketing database.

    For participants

    Interacting with bonus point opportunities was essential and could  potentially make the difference for week to week and seasonal wins. These bonus point opportunities are where much of the value of the promotion came in, having a captive audience to interact with through the lens of a fun and exciting promotion.

    At the end of every week, top scorers would also win prizes. The grand prize reward would attract enrollment while the weekly prizes ensured adoption and on-going engagement. The promotion offered live leaderboards where participants could monitor their standing week to week.

    For the vendors

    Finally, the platform offered branding opportunities for both the client and their vendors/sponsors. With logos and banner ads present throughout, targeted messages promoting vendors or products were designed and displayed regularly.

    Strategy & Implementation

    Bonus point opportunities that allowed for interaction with the client were offered throughout the promotion.

      • Designed to capture mindshare from contractors
      • Platform capabilities helped to secure necessary data
      • Varying prizing to entice all audiences
      • Sponsoring vendors were showcased
      • Multi-layered engagement strategies
      • Dedicated incentive program management team
    Award Opportunities
    • Weekly prizes such as…
    • The Grand Prize
      • HMI’s Carefree Collection
        • An all-inclusive resort stay at a handpicked destination
        • Gorgeous beaches, invigorating activities, and legendary nightlife
    • Sweet victory over their fellow contractors

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