Distributor: Selecting Success

A landscape and irrigation distributor, Horizon, uses a self-selected goal program to stand out amongst the competition and motivate contractors to grow their wallet share with them.

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

Horizon, a wholesale distributor in the landscape and irrigation market

The Audience

Landscape Contractors and Green Industry Professionals. Horizon’s customers.

The Objectives

  1. Encourage contractors to grow their wallet share with them.
  2. Implement new and unique ways to grow within their market.

The Challenges

To create an engaging promotion to stand out from suppliers and the competition.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results


Sales Boost

$19 million in incremental growth

See the Difference

Participants saw a 24% YoY growth


80% of survey respondents preferred to select their own goal rather than being assigned one.

Motivated Growth

Participants who hit their selected goals grew by 137% YoY

Rewarding Return

Client saw a 1074% ROI

This program created user generated feedback for Horizon. When asked about what their customers valued most about Horizon, participants had this to say…

“They treat me like I am important”

“They take care and value their customers”

“The relationship between myself and my rep… I prefer dealing with [my rep] over any employee at any vendor, his expertise great and knows how to help us.”

“The people working at [my] locations. Tremendous attitudes and service that make me love the job I do more than I would without them. They are as much a part of my company as my employees.”

“This is exceptionally well put together, this is the best rewards program I have seen in the industry in decades”

Branch Manager


How They Got There


Horizon Marketing 1
Horizon Marketing 2

Program Design

The client’s strategy utilized GoalChoice, a module that uses key concepts from behavioral economics and motivates program participants to choose their own goals.  Program participants are able to have input when it comes to choosing a goal which results in a powerful motivator.

The program itself was a 6-month long promotion where participants could choose their goal, from one of three growth-based, goal options. Goals were assigned to customers based on last year’s purchases over the same time period.


Goal Levels & Point Layout
      • Don’t Rock the Boat Goal Level: Earn 2 points per dollar for hitting the goal and for any qualified purchases over the selected goal.
      • Push Your Limits Goal Level: Earn 6 points per dollar for hitting the goal and for any qualified purchases over the selected goal.
      • Shoot for The Stars Goal Level: Earn 12 points per dollar for hitting the goal and for any qualified purchases over the selected goal.

The goal selection period where participants could select their goals took place from March through mid-April.

Earning period was from April 1 through September 30.

    • The redemption period opened for participants who hit their goal in early October through December 31st
        • Choosing a higher reward came with a bit of risk for the participants. If they did not achieve their goal, they did not receive any points, which could save the client some budget while being a large motivator for participants.

Marketing Tactics

A full-blown, integrated, marketing campaign was incorporated throughout the timeline of the program to keep the program at the forefront of participants’ minds. This campaign included:

    • Branch Email & Materials including digital notifications and in-store print marketing deliverables
    • Ongoing Email campaigns including activation, welcome, goal selection, motivational, progress to goal, and congratulations emails.
    • Printed Materials/Mailing including Announcement Brochure, Mini- Catalog, Announcement Reminder
    • Supplemental SMS messages including a “You Hit Your Goal” to goal earners, a “Keep Purchasing” to non-goal earners, and Redemption Messages.

Strategy & Implementation

Teaser and announcement emails were sent out at the end of February before the program started and for the launch in March. Once the program launched, participants could activate their accounts and select their goals.

    • HMI worked with the client to roll the program out via their sales team, who helped promote the program to their customers.
    • Shortly after, participants were able to start earning towards their goal. Participants had until the end of September to earn toward their selected goal.
Award Opportunities

At the end of the year, rewards were available for redemption.

    • Merchandise
    • Travel
    • Experiences
    • Digital subscriptions
    • And more! 

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