Manufacturer: Closing the Circuit

A digital infrastructures designer uses an incentive program for ten years to connect with partners all across their routes to market.

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

Global supplier of data infrastructure technologies, Marvell Technology.

The Audience

Resellers, DSRs, OEM Reps

The Objectives

  • Build brand awareness of Marvell’s technology and its importance
  • Build loyalty through free training and access to knowledge experts
  • Promote and recommend Marvell’s technology to their partners/customers

The Challenges

Like many B2B companies, Marvell was several steps removed from their products’ end users. Most end-users don’t even know or care who are inside their computers or solutions. Finding a way to educate, communicate, engage, and build loyalty across these complex routes to market was paramount.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results

Enrolled and Earning

Over 4,000 channel partners enrolled in the program through its program lifetime, visiting a total of 120,000 times

Highly Engaged

The program’s emails saw an open rate of 40%, almost doubling the industry average for B2B communications

Targeted Learning

A total of 4,183 learning promotions have been rolled out successfully to various channel segments and audiences

Global Reach

The program is active in over 70 countries.
“We have had 12 consecutive quarters of growth in the account that we are targeting with this program. I showed senior management statistics [of] the number of people in the program, which in the last two years went from 1,500 active participants to 4,000. For our business, that is a big number.”
Todd Owens

Field Marketing Director, Marvell Technologies

“It is an awesome learning tool, giving me more knowledge to pass on to my customers.”
Program Participant

“It is one of the few programs that provides the right level of incentive for the promotion of [the Client’s] products. Moreover, the content is extremely valuable and pertinent.”
Program Participant

How They Got Here

Program Design

Unlike a typical loyalty program that focuses on repeated transactions, which can be a lagging indicator, this program focused on influencing behaviors that could lead to transactions. Technical engineers and sales reps in Marvell’s channel were incentivized to learn about their technology, earning points for activities like reading white papers, watching instructional videos, attending webinars, and taking quizzes.

Participants were encouraged and rewarded to get comfortable with the technology Marvell provides, and the benefits and features it could provide to their clients to recommend this technology. Points earned from completing these activities could be redeemed for prizes from a vast rewards catalog.

Strategy & Implementation

The program’s campaigns focused on three key activities that contributed to the program goal:

1. To connect, engage, and educate technical engineers and sales executives among manufacturers, distributors, and resellers globally.

    • A “Fast Start” enrollment bonus was awarded to establish instant belonging
    • “Refer-a-friend” bonuses were introduced to maximize program reach
    • Holiday and anniversary bonus points to show appreciation for participants’ loyalty
    • Points for attending webinars/in-person events
    • Monthly Quizzes were given on the program technology and keeping participants up to date
    • A gifting module allowed Marvell’s business development managers to gift points to participants as an extra show of appreciation and rewarding activities for Deal Registration

2. To build a best-in-class community for providing up-to-date information, training, and educational resources.

    • “We miss you” campaigns were rolled out to re-engage dormant users
    • Strategic training and product knowledge modules rewarded resellers for successful completion
    • A contest in which participants were invited to make a video sharing their experience with the program, the winner of which would earn an extra prize

3. To provide incentives for the team to stay current, access the latest collateral, view on-demand videos and attend live webinars and webinar replays. This kept the information about new and emerging product features readily available at their fingertips.

    • Points awarded for preferred behaviors such as customer use case referrals, subscribing to newsletters, attending webinars and in-person events, and closing large deals

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