Manufacturer: Electrifying Results

A short term promotion that delivers powerful results

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

Eaton Lighting Solutions, a large national power management company.

The Audience

Salespeople and MFG reps. 

The Objectives

  • To learn about and drive stock business and increase inventory turns at the distributor level.
  • To solicit the target audience’s affinity and contact information to formulate a database.

The Challenges

  • Infrequent contact between the client and its audience.
  • Creating a program that would span multiple layers of distribution on a fixed budget and maintain engagement.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results


Exceeding Expectations

The program achieved more than double the original sales goal, reaching over $24 million compared with the original goal of $10 million.

Gathering Insights

2,415 counter sales people enrolled, submitting information about themselves and compiling a database.

Engaged Participants

A total of 26,588 individual claims were entered, with over half of the enrolled counter sales people entering multiple claims throughout the campaign.

Good Work Rewarded

4,625 spin codes were distributed, and 5,000 rewards were distributed.

Sky-High ROI

The program’s total ROI came in at over 750%.


This program was awarded the Dealer Distributor Award by the IMA Excellence Awards in 2017

“This is the first vendor promotion that was fueled by sales that I have not only participated in, but felt was worth my time trying to sell to the customer and upload onto the site. This was a great experience, and I would love to participate again.”

Client Channel Partner

“Hope that another program like this starts again because I stopped pushing competitors’ products because of this program.”

Client Channel Partner

How They Got Here


devices marketing

Program Design

HMI developed a short-term promotion utilizing manufacturer (MFG) reps to communicate through the distribution channel.

The promotion used a gamification sweepstakes which awarded participants for their sales. Participants earned a chance to win an instant prize every two weeks and a second chance drawing opportunity for a monthly grand prize sweepstakes.

The program made it easy for the MFG reps to communicate by providing an electronic promotional kit to help them quickly connect with distributors and get their counter salespeople enrolled. Reps were also rewarded the same prizes as the distributor sales people they enrolled.

Reward Opportunities:

  • HMI’s OnDemand Platform
  • HMI’s Spin-to-Win and Sweepstakes
  • Additional chances to earn extra spin codes and entries

Participant Feedback

  • 90% found campaign communications to be timely
  • 87% found their participation in the promotion rewarding
  • 84% found playing the Spin-to-Win game easy
  • 82% found the claims website navigation easy
  • 74% thought about the client more often during the promotion
  • 8 out of 10 were satisfied with reward offerings

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