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HMI Performance Incentives will help you to pinpoint opportunities within your business strategy where you’ll have the greatest success when inserting incentive tactics for your target audience. Using our full repertoire of service capabilities, we’ll design and manage the perfect program for you.

It all depends on what your motivation is. Is it…

Industry Expertise

Building Materials

Differentiate from competition. Increase mind share and market share. Your programs will scale to meet any issue, across all levels of the channel. Utilize our vast building materials experience to increase in loyalty, promote recognition, push new or existing products, and data acquisition. In other words, the works.


Carve out your place among buyers loyal to competitive brands. Optimize Co-op or Manufacturer Development Funds to better incentivize product purchase. Whether it’s rewarding top performers with a group trip or moving your small- to mid-sized accounts, HMI Performance Incentives has you covered.

Electrical Supplies

Many electrical contractors buy from 4-5 suppliers on average. This makes differentiating your brand paramount, reaching your end-users in a profitable way even more so. Your program with HMI Performance Incentives will help you corral buyers to your brand and motivate the sales personnel and channel partners to push your products.


In an industry ruled by fast turn-around and the need to be the first call, sustaining monthly loyalty is of the utmost importance. Build an in-depth, branded program of your own, and you can differentiate your valued solutions, increase your mind share, and capture those essential discretionary dollars.


Are you the first solution in your VARs’ heads when installing their technology solutions? Cut through the noise and competition to capture the attention of VAR principals, sales reps, and engineers with your incentive program. Your program will employ proven strategies like eLearning and rewarding steps-to-sale to give you an edge.

Financial Services

Maintain engagement and excite your F&I reps and dealers. Your program will give dealer principals, sales reps, and F&I staff a real reason to extend your percentage of the deal, increase the number of deals done, and improve their incremental business by giving them something more than just commission.

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