Buying Group: Motivating Members

A large-scale, points-based solution helps to improve engagement and sales activities

The Client and Their Past State

The Client

A large US-based automotive aftermarket buying consortium.

The Audience

Shop Owners

The Objective

To help the client’s members increase their level of engagement and grow market share.

The Challenge

Many client members needed help with digital and brand marketing, creating a major disadvantage against their competition.

The Client’s Current State and Key Results

Early Birds

Over 500 customers became participants in the first 3 months of the program

Continuous Engagement

Customers that redeemed points in the 2nd quarter achieved 205% of their combined goals for that quarter

Racing Ahead

Enrolled customers out-performed non-enrolled customers by 48% in their first quarter.


Above and beyond

Enrolled customers achieved 188% of their total purchase goals combined

“We’ve essentially designed a new home that each member can decorate and configure to their own specifications without having to start from scratch. Our objective was to provide maximum flexibility and value to our members with the Premier Partner Program and we feel like we have accomplished our goal with the help of HMI. We’re now at a point to where we are comfortable with opening up the platform to whomever would like to pursue this type of marketing initiative.”

Client VP of Sales & Marketing

How They Got Here


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Program Design

HMI designed a Premier Partner Program for the client. This program allowed members to essentially copy the design of the program to create their own customer loyalty program. It was a low-cost solution that made it very simple for members and their customers to enroll in the program and earn rewards.

The client’s members were able to leverage everything from the program design to marketing assets to earning structure.

One successful aspect of the program was the development of the “Smart Choice Members,” which gave the members opportunities to earn quarterly bonuses above and beyond their desired activity goals, an option that was unavailable to non-members.

Strategy & Implementation

Program strategy

  • Every program was designed using the original model as a foundation
  • Goals were set for the members’ customers using individual performance data
  • Program structure rewarded customers for their purchases
  • Reporting on each program’s performance was conducted frequently to make sure every program was successful

Reward Opportunities

  • A complete reward catalog which included travel, experience, and merchandise rewards
  • Additional promotions were run periodically to increase point accumulations

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